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Media Training: A Guide to Giving Great Interviews

Media training should be an essential part of any organization.  However, many businesses, community organizations and nonprofits don’t provide communications training for its leaders. They also don’t have the budget to hire a communications expert to provide media interview training.


This book is a quick and easy guide to assist business owners, local community leaders and nonprofit executives in developing and delivering messages, fine tuning their communication skills, and polishing their interview and news conference skills.

Public Speaking: Simple Steps to Improve Your Skills

Speaking in public is one of the toughest challenges many people face. They would rather do anything else than stand before a crowd and give a speech or make a presentation. They know their reluctance to speak in public is holding them back personally and professionally, but they don’t know where to turn for help.


This book is a quick and easy guide to help people overcome their public speaking fears. It is the perfect book for those who want to become strong and confident public speakers and presenters.

The News Release Writing Guide

In the midst of this technology age where so many people pay more attention to a movie star’s Twitter account than the front page of the New York Times, do conventional news releases still work? The short answer is yes. This eBook offers valuable insight and an easy-to-follow process for sharpening your news release writing skills to help you reach your intended audiences.


This book provides templates and news release formats, as well as sample news releases. It serves as an excellent resource for both the new and seasoned writer.







30 Things You Should Know About Media Relations

30 Things You Should Know About Media Relations (2nd edition) is designed to assist small businesses, non-profit organizations and local community groups in getting key information across to the general public and to stakeholders.


The first edition was the winner of the 2009 Best How-To Non-Fiction Book Award by Northern California Publishers and Authors! This book contains 30 simple “things” for better media relations covering the basics and serving as a guide to help readers reach out to the media.

Crisis Communication Planning

A crisis can hit at any time. If you run a business, manage a nonprofit or lead a government organization you know that when a crisis happens there is a good chance that media will follow. The best way to handle a crisis involving the press is to deal with that crisis before it happens through preparation.


​This book provides tips on how to prepare in order to meet the challenges and opportunities that arise during a crisis.

What the Online Student MUST Know

Every year, more and more people are taking the plunge into the online learning environment. Studies show that millions of people are steering away from the conventional classroom environment in favor of one on the Internet. Most people want that elusive college degree to help them advance in the workplace. Others are hungry for professional development training.


This book will help new students starting out in an online college degree program, find answers to their many questions about distance learning.

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