There’s no doubt video can enhance our storytelling. However, you don't always need fancy and expensive equipment. Below are videos I shot with an iPhone and edited on an iPad. It takes a little practice but it is incredibly simple. You can do it too! Click on the images to watch the videos.

SCOE Teacher of the Year 2021

This video highlights a career technical education program where youth in a detention facility learn culinary skills that will help them find jobs upon their release.

Jones TOY 1.JPG
Blackhawk Helicopter School Visit

As part of a career exploration event, a California National Guard helicopter and crew land at two school sites dedicated to serving high risk students and providing them with opportunities. 

Students Learn Culinary Skills at Detention Facility

This video is a profile of teacher Carissa Jones, a culinary instruction inside a youth detention facility who was named the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) Teacher of the Year for 2021.k on the image)


The Adult Re-Entry programs are designed to assist men and women re-entering the community from prison and jail. ​​​This video highlights the services available to clients and their families during the often overwhelming transition from custody to community.

Adult Re-Entry Program screenshot