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How should you expect to be treated as an online student? Like an adult!

Let’s face it. You’re an adult. Adults must take care of themselves and meet their responsibilities. In online courses, your instructor is there to guide and assist you. However, as an online student you must take responsibility for yourself and expect to be treated like an adult.

At the same time, you should expect to be treated with respect. You are a student AND a paying customer. But please remember that just because you are paying tuition, you are not guaranteed a passing grade.

An acquaintance of mine once had a student who was submitting poor work and getting poor grades. The student grew increasingly angry and messaged his instructor saying “I am paying a lot of money to be getting an ‘F’ in this course!” And to that my friend answered, “The tuition gets you in the door. Hard work gets you out the door with your diploma.”

Those are wise words to remember: Paying tuition does not guarantee a good or passing grade, but hard work will improve your chances.

In an article for ThoughtCo.com, Stephen Gatlin, CEO of Gatlin Education Services, Inc., says students will only get out of their online courses what they put into them.

“The more effort you put forth in these online courses to comprehend the lessons taught the more likely you are to succeed after the course is finished. Extra effort during the course will lead to an easier transition in your new positions or with your new responsibilities.”

So, if you are taking online courses please don’t shirk your responsibilities. Do the work, meet deadlines, and do not expect your instructor to check up on you every step of the way. You should not need reminding of when an assignment is due. If a school has a late policy, how should you expect to be treated? Expect penalties for late assignments. Instructors may grant occasional extensions but rather than ask for them, just do your work on time.

Remember, you are an adult. Your instructor will treat you as one. You are making a major decision in life to return to school to finally earn that college degree that has been eluding you all these years. Take your responsibilities seriously and work hard. You will be glad that you did.

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