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Media interviews are a chance to spread your “good news.” Don’t miss that chance.

People sometimes shy away from giving media interviews thinking their social media posts, news releases and prepared statements work well enough. But I don’t think they do. Canned responses look - well - canned.

Interviews offer the opportunity to tell the public about some of your organization’s great achievements. Record sales. Increased response times. A boost in the number of people served through your program. This is the chance for you to spread good news. Don’t pass up the chance if you get it.

As the person running your organization, it’s your obligation to do media interviews because it’s an opportunity to represent. The public likes to hear from leaders. They like to associate the faces with the companies and organizations in their communities.

Giving interviews provides you the opportunity to take control of a situation and make sure the public has the right information. In so many cases, someone in an opposing side spreads inaccurate stories. So, a good interview can prevent misinterpretation. The public needs to know all sides of a story, any story.

Wouldn’t you want to be represented fairly were someone spreading falsehoods about you?

Here is a list of basic reasons you should give interviews:

· The public always has questions about your work.

· You want the right information to get out there.

· Media coverage is an opportunity to “sell” your programs, promote your people and achievements.

· Media educates the public and influences public opinion. You can educate people about your group or organization.

· Press coverage can be just as effective if not more effective as advertising. Unlike advertising, media interviews are free.

Of all the points listed above, wanting to get the right information out there might be the most important. It is vital that the public know the right information about what your organization/agency/company is doing and there’s no one better to relay the right information than you.

(Tim Herrera is the author of Media Training: A Guide to Giving Great Interviews and several other books on communications.)

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